Different Breeds of Horse Training

Hopping on a horse for a back ride is fun. For some people, hopping on a horse’s back is more than just going for a ride. It is therapy. While in some cases the therapist may determine that there is no need to even touch the horse, it will still be therapeutic to see horses so that the goals can be reached. Equine therapy encompasses a range of treatments that include activities with the horses amongst other equines to promote growth emotionally, physically and occupationally in people with various conditions.

The horses that are used for therapy are trained and chosen specifically for therapeutic properties before they are integrated into the program. Horses of any breed can be chosen as long as they are calm, even tempered, sound in terms of service, well trained and gentle. The movements that are required for the therapy is usually so and therefore older horses that are past their athletic calm can be used. Although mare can be used too, geldings are most preferred because they are thought to be the calmest of the horse species. When exploring horse riding lessons phoenix az, there are many diifernt breeds to choose from.

Horses with hormone driven behavior like stallions are not used because they pose threats to the people who undergo therapy. The horses required are generally calm but not lazy. They are also accorded good balance, gait, muscling and structure. It is best to condition horses for therapy at a young age so that the horse will know what to do and will be well trained to handle people with all kinds of problems. Masculinity is not generally a compulsory trait the horse must have because it may be foregone in a horse that has great balance. It is also easier to tell if a horse is unsound and has signs of lameness while it is still young so that it can be avoided.  For more insight on the matter, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_horse_breeds.